Letter to the editor: Impeachment will do nothing other than boost some egos | Opinion

What is the reason that Trump is supposed to be impeached? The answer is supposedly so he cannot run for office again. But if he did run again in 2024, he would be 78 to 79 years old. He lost the election in 2020. With these two strikes, why are certain people so afraid that he would win in 2024?  

In the 2020 election, he captured close to half of the votes. Maybe some are afraid the present administration will not be able to do any better than the last administration. 

The last four and a half years, there have been accusations and millions of dollars spent with no actual proof. 

Actually, both sides should look in the mirror and ask themselves, “who are we supposed to represent?” Is it the party or the country and its constituents?             

Also the daily hate letters posted in the editorial pages are getting tiresome. Let’s start getting along for the good of the Country. Impeachment would have done nothing other than boost some egos. 

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