Jim Jordan says Democrats want to impeach Barr because John Durham will find ‘spying’

Democrats may be trying to hinder U.S. Attorney John Durham’s inquiry into the Russia investigation, according to a top House Republican.

Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking member on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, said that a resolution signed by Rep. Eric Swalwell and dozens of other Democrats seeking an investigation into whether Attorney General William Barr should be impeached is a byproduct of their fear of what Durham may find.

“The thing that scares [Swalwell] about Bill Barr is this investigation he has tasked John Durham to complete,” Jordan told Fox News this week. “And Mr. Barr said it is going to be done sometime this summer.”

The Ohio Republican said that Democrats first got spooked when Barr testified to Congress in April 2019 and said he believes “spying did occur” on President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“They’re afraid of what that might show, mainly the spying that took place. And that’s what set these folks off,” Jordan said. “When Bill Barr first testified, Martha, after he was confirmed, he used the word ‘spying,’ and the Democrats went crazy. But he used that word because that’s exactly what they did.”

Little is known about Durham’s investigation into misconduct by federal law enforcement and intelligence officials during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation that was later wrapped into special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Barr, who is facing increasing scrutiny from Democrats, who are concerned about the alleged politicization of the Justice Department, recently told Fox News that he anticipates “developments” in Durham’s investigation by the end of the summer.

Part of the resolution that was introduced this week by Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat who is a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, says Barr “eroded confidence in the judicial system by questioning the legitimacy of Department of Justice investigations and discrediting the Department’s finding.”

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